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Kotai Realty Company, Inc. is one of the largest, non-franchsie real estate companies in Southern California.

Kotai Realty Inc. is an extension of a California Corporation Cathay Realty founded by Mr. Curt Wang in 1979. Throughout the years of hard work and perseverance, Kotai Realty Inc. has grown into a major force in the area of real estate sales, property management, and property development. Our company goal is to provide our customers the most satisfactory and professional services.

Our objectives are
(a) Efficiency
(b) Specialization of area
(c) Customer Satisfaction

Real Estate Division
Kotai Realty has been serving the San Gabriel Valley area since 1992 which is an extension of Cathay Realty founded by Curt Wang in 1979. With excellence in customer service and professionalism, the office grew from two agents to over two hundred eighty. Currently Kotai Real Estate Sales division specialized in residential, commercial, industrial, income property, business opportunity, and rental property. Some associates, for instance Andy Su, are specialize in REO service (REO FORECLOSURE, and PROBATE Sales). The General Manager of Kotai Realty is Kris Tseng. We also have real estate management division, loan consulting, and prelicensing school, and training new license real estates agents.

Our Agents

Kotai Realty has many agents who have different specialized areas that could serve your needs in selling or buying properties. Please click on OUR AGENT LIST.

Market Philosophy
Kotai Real Estate service is a solution oriented brokerage network. The business philosophy is to deliver a marketing strategy to a target market seeking the opportunity to consummate a favorable equity investment. Often, our buyers are referred clients, which is reflective of our reputation for sound investment consultation.

Marketing Objectives
Kotai Real Estate customarily utilizes pool network of qualified buyers to originate interest, as well as, employ a comprehensive marketing program.
Committed in maximizing the subject properties exposed throughout Southern California by:
(a) Weekly advertising
(b) Selected Real Estate Board Multiple Listings
(c) Local cable television programming
(d) Customized mailer to select clients
It has been our experience that these are proven methods of bring successful exposure to the type of properties we are proposing to List. Our efforts are refined through choice publications and smart advertising respective of the target market.

Marketing Analysis

Kotai Real Estate has provided our marketing analysis of properties to our clients. A careful review of comparables that first match neighborhood, size, and the recent sales price determine our professional opinion, our anticipated sales price is often influenced by intangible factors that are
evident by measures market appeal for the subject property.

Marketing Tools
Our 4545 square feet office is located in one of the well established commercial street in the city of San Gabriel. The building houses 16 individual offices, two conference room, and over 120 desks. Because our building is located on a street corner with plenty of parking spaces, our 20 foot sign
is highly visible especially at night times. It has generated a lot of sales inquiries, sellers as well as buyers. Due to the wide variety of ethnic groups that comprise the population in the neighboring cities, we have staffed our sales force accordingly to address to each market. We are fluent
in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Shanghainess, Spanish, and Taiwanese. Our Sponsored title companies have provided us essential property information and sales comparable. In addition, they have provided access to Data quick and Redi, which are computer services that provide property
profiles, ownership information, sales comparables, notices of default, and REO. Through membership to the West San Gabriel Board, Multiple Listing Service is accessible to Kotai Realty.

Market Evaluation
Our Marketing Approach is further distinguished by a systematic method of tracking client interest. Our staff provides a comprehensive follow-up policy in which all prospective calls in every instance are returned the same day (usually within the hour), conversation logs are utilized in weekly strategy sales meetings, and inter-company goal setting reinforces individual incentives. Our knowledge of real estate finance augments our effectiveness in screening creditworthy buyers, identifying cash requirements, and negotiating solid purchase agreements. Kotai Real Estate is well positioned to develop a successful coordinated sales program by maintaining a centralized site for telemarketing, on-site graphics, and dissemination of printed material and receipt of offers. The target market for sales identified in the first 30 days would be potentially focused within our network of professional who practice in the San Gabriel Valley. Such activity will be implemented without limiting the maximum benefit of media exposure as outlined above. The quality of Prior Performance and Experience is prefaced by our daily methods of marketing, constant goal setting and total commitment to close sales at a price that is both feasible to seller/buyer.


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